Photo Guidelines

★ Photo Guidelines

If you decide to take your own photos, here are some guidelines to be sure your child gets noticed:

•A good photo can be achieved if taken outdoors, in the shade against a neutral solid background.
•No hats, no sunglasses, no obstructions, no food on face, no food in foreground.
•Do not send your beach shots or bathtub shots as we do not like to share pictures of partially dressed children.
•Shoulders should be covered (no spaghetti straps).
•Take the picture from the waist up at the highest resolution setting on your camera.
•Take multiple shots and let us decide which is best.
•(Please – no Webcam or cell phone camera photos. Only one child per picture unless we can easily crop out others)
•If you have identical twins, please send both individual shots (make sure you tell us who is who) as well as some shots together

For those clients with active agencyclick profile, we have a few more photo requirements:

Agencyclick Profiles

There are 6 photo slots in a standard agencyclick profile and the top photo preferences from casting directors are:

•Head and shoulders – Front (hair down please)
•Side Profile – Waist up (hair down please)
•Full Body – Front
•Different Looks (Business/casual, classy,etc…)
•Picture of parent if they are willing to work on set with the child
•Both hands
•Vehicle (if applicable)