On Set Protocol

★ On Set Protocol

•When you or your child is booked to work a day on a production, you must keep the entire day and evening open. Productions often shoot twelve to sixteen hours per day, and your child may not be working a standard daytime shift.
•Once you have accepted a booking, you are expected to honour your commitment.
•Unless otherwise stated, you are booked at the non-union rate of $12 +/- hour.
•Only children working may attend the set. Please arrange for babysitting accordingly, or provide an adult chaperone for your working child.
•Most film and television productions shoot during the week, Monday to Friday. Weekend shoots are unusual. Do not sign up your child if he/she cannot work on weekdays.
•You are responsible for your own parking if it is not provided by the production. Parking fees are not part of your child’s payment.
•Your call time will be provided the evening before you are scheduled to work. Please do not call us in the meantime, and keep phone lines open and/or your cell phone handy. We often receive call times as late as 10 p.m. for the next day of work. Rest assured that we have not forgotten that your child is working!
•When you are given your call time, you will also be given location and wardrobe information. Please pay careful attention to the wardrobe requirements and do your utmost to bring what has been requested. For background performers, it is customary to use their own clothing as providing costumes for what can be hundreds of people is not logical nor cost efficient. Unless your child books a specialized role (a fantasy character, an elf, or similar), you will be asked to provide several wardrobe options for the costume people. Don’t worry–we will pass along the wardrobe information when we receive it from the production.
•Do not arrive late to set!!! If you are running late, please call us so that we are aware of the situation and can pass along information to the production as necessary.
•When completing your paperwork, always note Twins Plus Talent as your agent on the form:

333 Pine Street
New Westminster BC V3L-2T1
Ph: 604-364-6656
★ DO…

•keep valuables with you at all times. (Better yet, leave them at home.)
•show up on time (or preferably fifteen minutes before your call time) and sign in. Be sure to note Twins Plus Talent as your agent on the form. •your child’s SIN card/number with you (required if the child is over fifteen years old).
•arrive camera ready, or with wardrobe ready for the costume professionals to pick and choose.
•report any injuries or illnesses immediately. •come prepared for the weather. Bring appropriate outside clothing for you and your child, and don’t forget the umbrella.
•carry a map of the Lower Mainland in your vehicle at all times. Don’t rely on GPS alone!
•turn off cell phones and pagers while on set.
•behave in a professional, respectful manner. If you’re high maintenance, you won’t work again. Word travels fast in this business.
•have a lovely time and meet some new faces!


•leave set unless excused by an assistant director (AD) or the extras wrangler.
•arrive late.
•look directly at the camera.
•bring cameras to set.
•wander around the set.
•ask the actors for autographs (BIG no-no!).
•disturb the actors.
•complain. NO WHINING.
•ask too many questions. If you’re curious about something, look it up on the Internet later. Don’t bug the people on the production crew who are working very hard!
•pig out at the craft service (snack) table. There’s only so much food offered to the background performers. Be cognizant of the people around you and courteous when you take your helping.
•wander over to the meal tent early. You will be summoned by the extras wrangler when it is time for lunch/dinner.
•Tweet or Facebook any of the goings-on from the set. If you get caught, you won’t be invited back and will likely be deemed untouchable for future productions. It’s a small town and news travels fast among casting professionals.