Glossary Of Terms

★ Glossary of Terms

•Action: called out by the director to cue the performers to begin
•AD: short for assistant director. There may be a number of ADs on a set (first AD, second AD, etc.).
•Background: called out by the AD to cue the extras to begin their movement
•Call time: the time you are to report to work
•Catering: the area or vehicle where lunch is served. Please note that a meal is generally served 6 hours after crew call. •Craft service: area where light snacks and beverages are available during shooting. Children under 15 MUST be accompanied by their chaperone when going to the craft service area.
•Crew: production support staff
•Crew call: The time that union crew members have to report to set. This can often give you an indication of how long your day will be, and what time you will get fed.
•Cut: called out by the director to stop filming. Stop immediately and await further instructions.
•DP: director of photography. Responsible for setting up lighting and creating the atmosphere of a film or TV project. •Extras: You/your child! Extras are serve as background humans in a particular scene and are not the focus or centre of attention. (Also called background performers.)
•Extras holding: area designated for background performers to wait until called to set
•PA: production assistant
•Photo double: a performer who looks very similar in all aspects to the actor. This person may be filmed from behind, at a distance, or from the side. The performer may appear on screen.
•Principal: an actor with an important or leading role in a film or TV project.
•Set: where filming occurs
•Stand-in: a performer who is similar to the actor in height, weight, and colouring. This person will be dressed similarly to the actor, and will be used while scenes are being set up and lighting tested. The stand-in will not appear on screen.
•Voucher: a document, otherwise known as a “permit,” that entitles the bearer to payment at a different (union) rate versus the standard non-union background performer’s rate of $12/hr. If your child is on a voucher, he/she will have a minimum daily or half-daily rate. See note on the FAQs page for more information regarding vouchers.
•Wardrobe: the people responsible for costumes
•Wrangler: the person you will check in with upon arriving to the set. The wrangler will give you the necessary paperwork to fill out to ensure you get paid for your day of work.
•Wrap: the end of your workday. Do not leave without signing out.