How to Apply

We are an agency open to people of ALL ages.

We have a VERY large youth roster and an ever expanding adult roster of top notch talent.

Before you apply…

Note: The commitment required goes beyond simple interest in the film industry.For adults, you need to have at least 3 days a week that you are flexible enough on that you can make arrangements to work on short notice. For parents, you must be available to escort your children to work. All children under the age of fifteen (15) must be chaperoned by an adult (related or non-related) over the age of nineteen (19). Almost all shooting occurs during school hours and your school-age children will miss school if you want them to participate. We feel that the exposure of your children to film and television production is a learning experience, akin to what happens when they go on a field trip.

For kids… we cannot emphasize this enough: it’s not enough to just want to dabble in the entertainment industry. If you want your kids to be involved with working as background performers, it’s imperative that you are available to support their interests. This means, as mentioned above, that you must be available to not only drive your child to set but also remain with your child on set during work hours. Unless your child is over the age of 15, this is not a drop-and-go situation. Extras wranglers and assistant directors are not babysitters, and your underage child will be immediately dismissed from set if a proper chaperone is not there for him/her at all times.

If you are interested in applying to join our distinguished background roster, please submit the following form:

New Applicant Submission

Note: We are at full capacity in most categories, and only those applicants meeting our current requirements will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in Twins Plus Talent.